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Blue Mountain Movement Center

 Improving physical and mental performance through movement.

Life is movement. And movement, like everything else in life, is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition.The first step in creating a healthy, active lifestyle is having a pain-free, strong and mobile body. Immobility, chronic aches and pains and balance issues are all signals from the body that something isn't right. Your nervous system is telling you something. Give your body what it needs: Better movement. 

Everyone is an Athlete and Everything is a Skill. Whether you are an Elite Athlete, Amateur Athlete, Parent or Grandparent athlete, Gardening or Quilting athlete, we all share the need to move well and without pain, to be healthy and enjoy our lives to the fullest. Group and Individual classes in Yang and Chen style Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility Restoration are forming now! 

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  • "t's hard to describe the benefits of Tom Bailor's Tai Chi class without sounding like someone selling bottles of "miracle elixir" in a medicine show, but playing Tai Chi really ..."
    Bette Husted
    Tai Chi Student
  • "I rode with Elizabeth when she was in Maryland. I had a ball taking lessons with her. She is pragmatic, funny and very centered in her approach to teaching. As a student you fee..."
    Bobbin Kreider
    dressage student